SBOA School SBOA Matric. & Hr. Sec. School, Coimbatore -39
State Bank of India Officer's Association Educational Trust


"Each Individual Creation on this beautiful Planet is Created by God to fulfil a particular role"

- Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

Our School is a "Gurucula" where the Students are trained in all areas including values. This platform helps them to evolve as good Citizens. Our Main objective is to make our School as a "Total Quality School". This School is not one among all Schools but one in all Schools. Our Methodology of Teaching is "Learning by Doing". The Teaching is Learner Centered.Children learn the Subjects with Interest. They come out with many Questions. It is a tough time for the teachers but the experts(the Teachers) give information then and there. Children imbibe and assimilate information and start thinking more. We Stimulate the neurons. The Result is Over all Development of the Student. We train the Students not only to listen, but to observe, Understand & Learn the Subjects which take them to areas like Creativity, Imagination and Intellectual Networking. The Class Room is transformed into a world of Excitement where new ideas are formed. Students excel in Academics, Sports and Extra- Curricular Activities. With all these potentials, no doubt we are able to produce Doctors, Engineers, Officers in all Fields and Leaders also. We could See our Students in top position in almost all parts of the Globe.Is it not great? Thanks to God Almighty.

We are very proud to say that we teachers of SBOA School play the role of Parents so that our commitment and responsibility is more. We are interested in holistic development of the Students.

Our Mission is to Live with Integrity and to make a difference in Students' Life.

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